RedSeal is the essential analytics platform for building measurably digitally resilient organisations. The company helps organisations understand and monitor their networks; verify policy compliance and accelerate incident response. RedSeal’s customers are Global 2000 corporations and government agencies that depend on the most sophisticated security.

RedSeal ( has new incident response, metrics, and increased automation capabilities for its cybersecurity analytics platform. The new features will speed time to finding and solving cybersecurity issues and allow organisations to better visualise, measure and improve their digital resilience.

RedSeal’s analytics platform gives users the most up-to-date model of their entire network, so that they can see access paths and deploy cybersecurity resources to have the biggest impact on their most valuable assets.

RedSeal now adds critical network context to incident response efforts. Users can analyse the path between the suspicious host and reachable asset, and then drill down to highlight the change required to prevent that access.

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