Insider Threat Detection and Prevention

You can’t prevent what you can’t see. Teramind uses an intelligent, lightweight agent to collect and react to users’ activity, in real-time. Configure Teramind to automatically raise an alert, block an action, or lock out a user on almost any imaginable behavior violation. Block emails from going out, stop uploads to certain websites, get alerted when a user chats with a specific counterparty.

Teramind is used to gain collective or individual insight into user behavior. Our platform collects everything that the user does on the PC, and presents it to you in an intuitive, web-based dashboard with drill-down capability. View the user’s screen in real-time, see the content of printed documents, analyze time spent on a certain website,  and much more. Configure Teramind to enforce your company’s security and use-policy by specifying allowed and disallowed activities. Specify when to stop monitoring, to protect your users’ privacy.

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