Tier-3 Huntsman

Tier-3 is a SIEM and threat detection software solution provider.  Huntsman® is an intelligent security event and incident management platform that analyses and correlates events, network traffic and activity in order to provide visibility of security threats, monitor security compliance status, manage risks and support security intelligence and operations processes in compliance with ISO27001, PCI-DSS, GPG13 and FISMA.

Our patented Behavioural Anomaly Detection technology baselines and processes millions of log records to find critical events in real-time to accurately prioritise security and compliance issues; and presents these via fully customisable dashboards, alerts, notifications and reports.  Tier-3 has a strong, engineering capability to support design, installation, configuration and operation of cyber security monitoring solutions and operations centres.  We also provide after sales consulting and training to assist customers with fine-tuning the technology.

Tier-3’s government customers are using the solution to deliver GPG13 compliance, as part of their accreditation, at all impact levels.  Across the commercial space, the technology is used for security and threat detection and analytics wherever security, compliance and cyber threat detection is critical.

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