Verint Cyber Security Boilerplate

Verint, a global leader in Actionable Intelligence® solutions, is transforming the way organisations protect themselves from complex cyber threats. Providing a new perspective on cyber defense, Verint Threat Protection System™ offers an unparalleled way of gathering cyber intelligence to glean insights for more informed, effective and timely decisions. A unified, intelligence-driven platform that combines multi vector detection with deep forensics identifies breaches across the attack chain, reveals the full storyline and revolutionizes the way cyber analysts work. Created by and for security analysts, Verint Threat Protection System does away with alert fatigue and automates the heavy lifting of cyber investigations to deliver results faster. By providing an intuitive, visual account of every incident as it unfolds, security operation teams gain greater visibility of advanced threats and better team collaboration. At last, security teams have the real-time intelligence they need stop attacks and improve their defenses. 
New Perspective. New Defense. 

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