Real Editor Meets Guest Editor: Q&A with Louise Öström

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Today's guest editor Louise Öström faces the questions from the real Infosecurity editor Eleanor Dallaway.

How do you describe to your (non-industry) friends what your job is all about?

Compare transferring and security of data with sending a postal letter. There are various levels of security in a house that, the front door, entry gate that are comparable to a server security levels. Along the way many incidents can happen (the letter can get lost, stolen sent to the wrong address) if all goes well, it may find its way back to the dispatch center. This is similar to data transfer - lots of things can happen on the way to destination and software can secure data so that someone can’t steal/crack. I also compare the ‘ease of things’ with Software and the data world with dropping off a letter to a neighbour or sending an email to someone in the same building.

What makes you really angry about our industry?

Anything that has to do with crime…because it wasn’t protected well enough. I hate all kinds of blackmail scams like ‘WannaCry’ and when innocent people suffer fraud.

What gives you hearts in your eyes?

I love the fact that information is now available across the globe, allowing people learning possibilities at limited costs.

What’s the best conference talk/keynote/seminar you’ve ever attended?

In 2011 Paul Maritz, prior VMware CEO, stood up in a leadership conference and stated that if we don’t re-event ourselves we would not be a successful company in five years from now. IBM Solutions Training – the solution methodology/concept is still the most successful approach.

If you could have founded any information security vendor, which would you choose?

VMWare – Disruptive technology

What is the biggest unresolved information security challenge?

Security across SD-wan (veloCloud acquisition ideal). Also GDPR – it’s coming May 18 – companies aren’t ready but the technology is available. One size doesn’t fit all...

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Marzipan! Best if it’s drench in rum or figs, or covered with chocolate.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Christmas Day with Chevy Chase. It always makes me laugh, it is about family and having fun.

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