Anglo American Launches Cybersecurity Apprenticeships

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The world's largest producer of platinum has launched a cybersecurity apprenticeship scheme in the northeast of England. 

Multi-national mining company Anglo American, which is headquartered in London, is seeking seven budding cybersecurity stars who are eager to learn about the latest cybersecurity tools and techniques being deployed to protect mining operations globally.

“We’re looking for people with inquisitive minds and an ability to commit themselves fully," said Craig McEwen, chief information security officer at Anglo American. "You don’t necessarily need to have a knowledge of computers, although it’s an advantage.”

The apprenticeship scheme will be run from the company's base in Scarborough. The base is a roughly 30-minute drive south from Anglo American's Woodsmith Project, which is focused on the sustainable mining of polyhalite fertilizer to boost food production. 

Candidates accepted into the apprenticeship program will receive two years of tuition in cybersecurity tools, techniques, and skills in areas that include threat detection and the defense of critical infrastructure. 

McEwen said: "It will be a challenging course that demands commitment from the candidates, who will be operating at a high level, encountering complex and fast-moving problems, supported by a world-class team to train and support their growth."

The program is part of Anglo American's commitment to nurture cybersecurity talent in North Yorkshire. It was launched at Scarborough Science and Engineering Week by Anglo American's chief executive, Mark Cutifani.

“This apprenticeship scheme is an important part of our purpose as a company to re-imagine mining to improve people’s lives," said Cutifani.

"Technology is helping us to carry out our operations more effectively and efficiently, not just here in the UK but around the world, so protecting our IT and industrial technology systems is vital to our success.

“Our decision to locate the cybersecurity apprenticeship program in North Yorkshire demonstrates our continued commitment to the region, and to providing young people here with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed in the 21st century.”

The scheme will give the apprentices a grounding in more than cybersecurity; instruction will be given in general business skills too. The apprentices will also gain work experience acquired from a large multi-national organization.

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