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Arrested LulzSec suspect was looking for position with US Department of Defense

Wired’s Threat Level, the Associated Press, and other news outlets are reporting that Tempe, Ariz.-based Cody Andrew Kretsinger is believed to be a member of the LulzSec group”, said Krebs in his security posting.

“According to the indictment against Kretsinger, he was involved in executing and later promoting the high-profile and costly attack on Sony’s networks. Sony estimates that the breaches would cost it more than $170 million this year”, he added.

The security researcher and author of the Krebs on Security newswire notes that Kretsinger is a network security student at Tempe-based University of Advancing Technology.

A cached page from UAT’s website, he asserted, shows that Kretsinger was named student of the month earlier this year and suggests he was due to graduate from the institution later in 2011.

Incredibly, the page includes an interview with the suspected LulzSec member, in which he says he would like to work for the DoD after graduating:

Where do you want to work after graduation?

“I hope that I’ll be able to work for the Department of Defense. From what I hear, they’re pretty good at what I want to do.“

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“Travelling, doing network security as a profession with the Department of Defense. While I wouldn’t mind being a penetration tester, I think it’s a lot more fun to try to build and secure a network and its devices from the ground up. I suppose I wouldn’t mind being in management, either.”

What’s the ultimate dream for your life?

“Good secure job, great family, maybe a ’64 GTO or something to that effect. I think a job with the NSA or Department of Defense is my ultimate dream. I hope that I’ll be able to work for the Department of Defense. From what I hear, they’re pretty good at what I want to do.”

Kretsinger, said the security researcher, may have a difficult time finding work in the public sector. In June, LulzSec claimed responsibility for hacking into computers at the Arizona Department of Public Safety and releasing hundreds of law enforcement files. The hacking group also claimed to have breached the websites of the CIA and the US Senate, he notes.

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