AVG takes on Dropbox with free 5GB secure cloud storage

As with Dropbox - whose free version is initially limited to 2GB - Infosecurity notes, LiveKive allows users to share files between themselves using feature that AVG calls 'Share Rooms.'

The firm says that the new service has been developed to adapt to the multi-platform needs of consumers, who need to backup and store personal data and digital content remotely for seamless, anytime, anywhere access.

Again, as with Dropbox, LiveKive is accessible across Apple and Microsoft platforms, with date being viewed and replicated between any web-enabled device, including Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Alongside the free version, the service is also available with 25GB and 'unlimited' storage space, although Infosecurity notes that, as with all `unlimited' cloud storage services, there are some T&C-defined limits that preclude cloud data farming.

JR Smith, CEO of AVG Technologies said that consumers are increasingly aware of the need to protect their personal data.

"By providing secure and easy automatic backup, AVG LiveKive offers users vital peace of mind, something we believe is essential for all of our customers", he said.

"As the largest provider of free anti-virus, we are focusing our expertise to creating a secure ecosystem of products and services that our customers can use with confidence. Cloud-based secured storage allows customers to save and share their personal memories and data, with the knowledge they are protected by AVGs advanced security", he added.

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