Bank of America cops to credit card data breach

Photo credit: Andrew F. Kazmierski/
Photo credit: Andrew F. Kazmierski/

The bank issued the customers new cards along with letters informing them of the suspected breach, but did not disclose how many customers were affected.

"We take these proactive steps to protect our customers and minimize any occurrence of fraud. It doesn't necessarily mean that fraud has actually occurred on the account", bank spokeswoman Betty Reis told

"As part of our routine fraud monitoring, if we believe a customer's card may have been compromised at a third-party location, we will notify the customer and block and reissue the card, which is what happened in this case”, she added.

Lawrence Reusing, general manager for mobile security at Imation Corp., commented: "Bank of America’s disclosure of their recent breach again highlights the sophistication of criminals trying to breach network and mobile devices in 2012. Today’s news proves that no business is immune….It's critical for IT to ensure that they are protecting customer data whether it's inside their network or with their partners.”

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