BlackBerry Launches Dedicated EU Data Centers to Comply with GDPR

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BlackBerry has announced the launch of dedicated EU data centers to comply with new and existing GDPR regulations.

Located in the Netherlands and France, the new data centers will add to BlackBerry’s existing infrastructure in the UK and will help the company to provide dedicated EU instances of its critical event management platform AtHoc.

Under a new EU regulation, all member states must establish a critical event public warning system to protect citizens by 2022. BlackBerry explained that, with its new EU-dedicated data centers, organizations will be able to safely and securely communicate with their workforce and other organizations through any device in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack or other major contingencies.

“Empowering our customers with the most secure communication platform for increasing resiliency and communicating swiftly is critical in a crisis,” said Adam Enterkin, senior vice-president EMEA at BlackBerry. “It is also vital that we are able to adhere to new and existing EU data residency requirements per the GDPR. With BlackBerry AtHoc’s new EU-based data centers we are able to scale our infrastructure to better support our customers’ needs over a secure and reliable network.”

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