Breach at Korean gamer Nexon exposes data on 13 million subscribers

Last week, Nexon said that the server for its multiplayer online role playing game Maple Story was hacked and personal information on 13.2 million subscribers had been stolen, according to a report by the Korean Herald.

This is the largest data breach in South Korea since the July hack of the portal site Nate and social networking service Cyworld, both operated by SK Communications, exposing information on 35 million users, the newspaper said.

“We have tried to strengthen security measures since the hacking accident of SK Communications and will continue to expand investment,” Seo Min, CEO of Nexon Korea, was quoted by the newspaper as saying. Min stressed that the data breach only affected its Maple Story game.

Nexon said it will set up a global security system running 24 hours a day in Asia, North America and Europe and introduce a new membership system by April.

With hacked users signing an online petition to file a class-action lawsuit against the company, Nexon said it would take responsibility for any damage found after the police investigation is concluded.

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