Cloud-based voice biometrics e-commerce platform introduced

Known as On4, the cloud-based service allows retailers to instantly set up and run their online business, processing transactions using voice biometrics to authenticate/authorise their online and mobile-based electronic payments.

According to Voice Commerce, a step-by-step process allows retailers to quickly set up and build a fully functioning store that will process Level 1 PCI compliant payments through Voice Commerce's voice transact payment network.

As well as accepting Visa, MasterCard and American Express payments, the firm claims that retailers can also automatically deploy the VoicePay biometric payment system to process secure mobile payments.

VoicePay is a voice biometrics service that is billed as allowing consumers to set up their own voice biometric as an authenticator for use over the phone or mobile phone.

The idea is that, once a user has set up their authenticator, any VoicePay-enabled retailer can use the biometrics and authenticate the user by simply calling him or her.

Launching the commercial voice biometrics service, Nick Ogden, Voice Commerce's CEO, said that there are currently three times as many people who own a mobile phone as use the internet, which makes the mobile channel a huge opportunity for retailers.

"On4 helps them capitalise on this, starting at an online store level and then providing an m-commerce consumer solution through VoicePay, which makes the environment easier and safer to purchase within", he explained.

Ogden, who founded WorldPay, the pioneering e-commerce service that he later sold to the RBS group, has been working on voice biometrics for several years, Infosecurity notes.

He says that, as consumers begin to increasingly use their mobile phones to make e-money transactions, he believes that security will become a significant concern.

"Voice Commerce Group is a regulated financial institution and has chosen to guarantee all of its payments. By doing this, we hope to develop consumer confidence in the mobile marketplace, just as we did in the e-commerce marketplace in 2001", he said.

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