Cop Comedy Riskiest Show to Watch Online

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An American police procedural comedy television show has topped the list of most dangerous TV titles for US citizens to watch online. 

New research published today by global security software company McAfee revealed the web-based entertainment options most commonly targeted with malware by cyber-criminals. 

McAfee analyzed more than 100 of the most popular TV and movie titles available on US streaming sites as defined by “best of” articles that appeared in a range of US publications. Researchers then hunted down and recorded all the high-risk websites associated with each entertainment title.

Shows and movies were then awarded a danger ranking based on the total number of malicious websites with which they were found to be associated. Focus was placed on sites that enabled viewers to access content for free.

Topping the chart of most dangerous movies to escape into during lockdown was the dramatic 2011 Mixed Martial Arts picture Warrior starring Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy. Law enforcement laughter romp Brooklyn Nine-Nine led the list of riskiest TV shows to watch via the web. 

“With consumers increasingly going online to stay entertained during lockdowns it has created the perfect storm for web crime,” said Baker Nanduru, vice-president of consumer endpoint segment at McAfee. 

Nanduru said threat actors kept a keen eye on which shows were winning the hearts of the public so that they could target their malware for maximum gain. 

“History has proven that cyber-criminals follow consumer trends and behaviors to educate their scam strategies," added Nanduru. 

"It’s important that consumers stay alert while online and avoid malicious websites that may install malware or steal personal information and passwords.”

Cyber-criminals were found to have no qualms about exploiting society's most vulnerable members for their own gain. Children’s movies accounted for four of the top 10 movies McAfee identified as at high risk of being targeted by cyber-criminal activity.

Kid's flicks to be wary of were The Incredibles, Aladdin, The Lion King, and Frozen 2. Movies for a more mature audience that attackers tend to target included Zombieland and Swingers.

Researchers advised viewers to avoid illegal streaming sites that are often "riddled with malware disguised as pirated video files."

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