Cybersecurity Incident Mars Australian Freight Giant's Operations

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A major Australian freight company is experiencing operational difficulties after a cybersecurity incident caused an IT system shutdown. 

Toll Group announced that it had experienced a "cybersecurity incident" on Friday. The company shut down a number of IT systems at multiple sites across the country in a bid to resolve the issue.

"As a precautionary measure, in response to a cyber security incident on Friday, Toll deliberately shut down a number of systems across multiple sites and business units," said Toll Group in a statement.

"Toll IT teams are working closely with global cyber security experts to resolve the issue."

Customers have reported issues with tracking shipments, reporting that IT systems were down at Toll depots. Until the incident is resolved, Toll Group is recording receipts manually.

The MyToll website, where customers can usually track deliveries and book package collections, has been taken offline and is currently displaying a cybersecurity warning message. 

The company said its first priority was to bring its customer-facing applications back online.

"Toll is making progress with our recovery activities to restore our systems and Toll customer-facing applications," stated the company.

"Our immediate focus is on bringing our systems back online in a controlled and secure manner. Business continuity plans have been activated to maintain customer service and operations."

No information has been released by Toll Group so far regarding the nature or severity of the cyber-incident. The details of how it occurred are currently also being kept under wraps.

Toll Group is often contracted to handle Australia's eBay deliveries. The freight company is also the carrier of choice for many of the country's cell phone companies when sending out new handsets and SIM cards. 

Business Insider reported that Toll operations in Australia, India, and the Philippines had been affected by the incident. 

No timeline has been given for when Toll Group's IT systems will be back up and running. 

Toll Group operates a global express, freight forwarding, and logistics service from its base in Melbourne. The company, which was founded in 1888, was acquired by Japan Post in 2015.

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