Global IoT Trust Survey Reveals Security Concerns

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A new study by IT security solutions provider Utimaco has revealed the prevailing lack of trust in Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The report, Circles of Trust 2023: Exploring Consumer Trust in the Digital Society, published earlier today, suggests only 14% of consumers view smart devices as secure, despite 38% using them. 

As societies become increasingly digitally interconnected, the appeal of a connected world appears strong, with 41% of respondents expressing optimism about the convenience such connectivity could bring to their daily lives. 

However, the study, which expanded its scope to include respondents from Mexico, the USA and Singapore in addition to Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom (from last year’s edition), revealed substantial discrepancies in attitudes toward IoT and smart city technology across different countries.

Notably, only 24% of respondents felt confident in defining the term “Internet of Things,” suggesting that the concept remains relatively unknown among consumers despite industry usage. Singapore led with the highest percentage (33%) of respondents who could define the term, while the UK trailed with the lowest (20%).

The report also advocates for improved communication strategies targeting the general public. It emphasizes securing IoT and smart city digital infrastructure with the latest generation of digital security solutions.

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“We’re living in an increasingly digital world with more connected and smart devices that need to be secured,” commented Utimaco CEO, Stefan Auerbach. “The results of our Circles of Trust white paper show that more work is needed to create trust and reassurance for consumers and their connected devices.”

The Utimaco report was compiled in collaboration with YouGov between April 3 and April 7 2023. 

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