Government aligns with IISP

The transition reflects a drive for increased professionalism in information assurance (IA) in the public sector.
As part of the transfer, the IISP will revise its associate membership level so that it is assessed as showing competence at the same level as ITCP. Consequently, current ITCP certificate-holders will be able to transfer to this associate level, but they will be encouraged to apply for a full membership.
Currently, the ITCP confirms proof of a candidate’s competence in working in the government IA environment. To acknowledge this, the IISP will annotate membership for those meeting the criteria as ITPC-compliant.
According to Paul Dorey, chairman of the IISP, the transfer will attend to “the shortfall of information security professionals”, allowing them to be officially recognised.
“We’re about skills and knowledge” he says, adding that the qualification allows members to assert that “I’m not telling you I’m a professional; I can show you I’m a professional.”
So does this indicate a positive trend for the government taking information security seriously?
“I think the government is actually a bit more ahead than the private sector” observes Dorey, saying that the government recognises that “there’s one holistic problem for both the public and private sectors. By working together we can get a better and more creative result.”
It is hoped that the transfer will bring a substantial number of additional professionals into an IISP membership, with potential for further growth across the public sector.

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