Groundbreaking Cybersecurity Book Published

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A book on cybersecurity that doesn’t feature any words written by individuals who identify as male has been published by JupiterOne.

Reinventing Cybersecurity, which came out on Tuesday, claims to be “the first cybersecurity book written entirely by women and non-binary experts.” 

The publication is a collection of original stories from 17 female and non-binary security professionals. Linking each tale is a central theme of redefining, through the sharing of diverse expert perspectives on cybersecurity’s technical and interpersonal aspects, an industry traditionally dominated by white men.

Topics covered in the book include boardroom presentations, risk management, incident response and navigating the C-suite. The authors also share their insights and practical guidance on handling imposter syndrome, systemic bias and hiring.

Individuals whose stories appear in the collection include Lonye Ford, CEO at ARLO Solutions, Joyous Huggins, founder of Defender Academy, Angela Marafino, customer product manager at Microsoft, Lisa Hall, CISO at Color and Dr Meg Layton, lead information security engineer at Children’s National Hospital. 

Reinventing Cybersecurity embodies the essential ideals of diversity, equity, inclusion, and openness, which we strongly embrace at JupiterOne,” said Erkang Zheng, founder and CEO of JupiterOne. 

“Hiring strategies and teams should include individuals from underrepresented backgrounds, regardless of disability status, mental health, sexual orientation, race, gender identity, neurodiversity or body size.”

Alya Franklin, co-founder at Women in Security and Privacy (WISP) and co-founder and partner of Aleada Consulting, read a copy of the book ahead of its release.

“Today’s security leaders and next-generation cybersecurity professionals will be inspired by these personal stories of resilience working in challenging environments and driving industry changes to support innovation,” said Franklin. 

“These pages are filled with practical guidance on how to succeed in security leadership roles and adapt security management practices as technology rapidly changes.”

Reinventing Cybersecurity was edited by JupiterOne’s field security director, Jasmine Henry. Describing the collection of stories, Henry said: “Each story in Reinventing Cybersecurity stands alone as a singular testament to the spirit of the security community, which is filled with some of the brightest and most dedicated people who work tirelessly to protect their organizations.”

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