Hacker Leaks Alleged Tesla Design Secrets

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A hacker has taken to Twitter to share design secrets they allegedly obtained by compromising American automotive and energy company Tesla

Posting on the account @greentheonly on Friday night, a hacker who calls themself "Green" said that Tesla was planning to introduce new hardware to their S and X model cars. 

Modifications that Green claims are in the cards include the introduction of new battery options and a suspension redesign. 

According to Green, Tesla has added a wireless device charger to its two oldest car models. The charger is allegedly integrated into the center console. Green also claims to have uncovered plans for a new type of charging port.

Another interior change that the hacker says is coming to the S and X models is something Green describes as "new lumbar," which could possibly mean a redesign of the front seats.

Aside from the cosmetic changes, Green claims that Tesla plans to introduce two new battery types into both models, which the hacker claims will be available in several configurations. Other information allegedly hacked from Tesla by Green revealed that the company plans to introduce a new suspension option.

Tesla hasn't confirmed or denied the hacker's findings. The company, which is based in Palo Alto, California, has not announced any plans to update the Model S or the Model X.

Following Green's Twitter post, Tesla has however "quietly added a wireless phone charger to the list of standard features posted on its website," according to Autoblog.com.

Tesla traditionally waits until the last minute to load information regarding new features into its computer system in a bid to avoid data leaks from occurring. Both Green and Autoblog speculate that an announcement of the new features for the X and S could possibly be around the corner. 

Green wrote on Twitter: "Tesla seemed to have realized no matter what they do stuff leaks through firmware so froze releases on week 40 and just backported absolute necessary stuff to limit leakage. And now past the new year this must be hw [hardware] they put into cars now/vsoon so cannot avoid it."

Tesla started building the Model S in 2012. Three years later, the company launched the Model X. Unique and cutting-edge in their time, both cars now compete in an expanding electric luxury car market that includes Porsche's Taycan, the Audi E-Tron, and the Jaguar I-Pace.

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