Hacker Claims to Have Stolen Sensitive Medical Records from Egypt's Ministry of Health

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An ‘established’ threat actor claimed to be in possession of two million data records stolen from the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population.

The allegation, made on a hacker's forum, was observed by cyber threat intelligence provider SOCRadar and dark web monitoring firm Falcon Feeds on July 25, 2023.

According to the threat actor's post, the database includes comprehensive, personal patient information, including names, IDs, decision and national numbers, phone numbers, addresses, procedure classification details, diagnoses and details on the treatment.

The hacker provided a sample of the dataset, encompassing data on 1000 people to support the claim.

This threat actor, “known for selling databases that allegedly belonged to Indonesian entities last week, also directed potential buyers to contact them through the Telegram messaging app. Evidence points to financial gain as the primary motivation behind these actions,” SOCRadar said on their dark web monitoring platform.

According to information viewed by Infosecurity, the same user of this hacker forum claimed to be selling millions of data records following multiple breaches in 2021 and 2022.

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