Infosecurity Europe Keynote: Building Strong Teams and Driving Change with F1’s Claire Williams

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Leadership powerhouse Claire Williams OBE will speak at Infosecurity Europe 2024, sharing practical strategies and wisdom honed through her experience of leading the Williams Formula 1 racing team, as announced by Infosecurity Europe.

Williams will talk about how to navigate change and develop a team infused with your core values in an exclusive conversation with Infosecurity Magazine on the Keynote Stage on Thursday, 6 June.

Due to increasing cyber threats, cybersecurity leaders must ensure that resources and skills are used to the best of their abilities. 

Williams will share her insights on how to engage a vast workforce, embed key values, and motivate others to have conviction in operating to the best of their ability.

"I am delighted to be joining the keynote stage at Infosecurity. There are so many parallels between the F1 and cybersecurity worlds - not least teams having to constantly operate in highly pressurised and fast paced environments while having to make logical, sound and quick decisions,” Williams said.

“I’ll be discussing how I have personally approached managing a team of 1,000 people in the challenging world of Formula One for close to a decade, as well as cultural and business transformation and gender diversity. I look forward to seeing you all there," she added.

Learn from F1 Leader Claire Williams at Infosecurity Europe

She led the Williams Formula 1 racing team from 2013 to 2020, one of only two women to head a Formula 1 team in the modern era.

Under her leadership, Williams F1 team finished third in the World Championship for Constructors twice.

Since successfully negotiating the sale of the Williams F1 team, Claire has provided insights to organisations of all sectors and sizes on leading high-performing teams. She is also an analyst delivering her opinion of various issues on Netflix’s hit show, Drive to Survive.

Throughout her career, Williams has been no stranger to navigating change and striving for excellence in an industry governed by numerous rules and regulations that continuously evolve.

Infosecurity Europe visitors will benefit hearing from Williams on how their organisations can continue to meet their goals while operating with the new and updated regulations coming into force for the sector.  

Nicole Mills, Exhibition Director at Infosecurity Group, said: “The event represents an opportunity for the cybersecurity profession to come together to discuss challenges and learn from others. When it comes to engaging workforces and implementing a strong culture, an imperative for cybersecurity teams, it’s compelling to draw parallels with those outside of our industry and learn how they mastered it.”

“Claire’s experiences of embedding a strong company culture within a huge workforce whilst working within a highly pressurised and stressful environment are sure to inspire and engage a cybersecurity audience faced with a rapidly changing and challenging environment.”

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