LORCA Announces Additions to Cybersecurity Program

The London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA) announced its third round of cybersecurity companies that will be joining its program to address the market need of industry today. The 15 "scaleups" responded to an open call and were invited to pitch their solutions to address the focus areas identified by the association: security by design, basics and beyond. 

According to LORCA, this round of companies is the most "international yet," with companies from Italy, Spain and South Korea entering the program. Margot James, Minister for Digital, said, “Ahead of London Tech Week, it’s great to see that LORCA is now welcoming international companies to the capital, making this a truly global effort to ensure we have a Britain that’s fit for the future.”

The 15 companies will take part in a bespoke progam designed around each of their needs, which will be delivered by Plexal's innovation team, the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) at Queen’s University Belfast, and Deloitte’s cyber team.   

Saj Huq, program director of LORCA, commented on the announcement: “We’re delighted with the caliber of the new additions to our program, with the latest cohort representing a host of new and exciting cyber solutions which we’ll be able to scale and help bring to market.

"We’re particularly pleased with the international flavor which the latest group of scaleups brings to LORCA, fortifying our position as a global cyber hub and the UK’s foremost destination for the most advanced technological solutions.”

Companies selected for the program are: 

  1. CounterCraft: Its Cyber Deception Platform detects, investigates and controls targeted attacks to help enterprises understand why cyber-attackers are targeting them and defend their most business-critical assets.
  2. CTO Technologies: The company’s CyberCentral platform enables the public and private sectors to better manage their security risks by automating manual processes – and alleviating the strain on IT teams.
  3. D-RisQ: The company develops and uses automatic, high-integrity software verification tools that are focused on embedded systems and cybersecurity. The tools have been used in a range of sectors, including autonomous vehicles, aerospace and maritime.
  4. Elemendar: Its AI analyst for cyber-threat intelligence (CTI) tells cyber-defense tools what threats to defend against.
  5. Hack The Box: The online platform provides labs and challenges for cybersecurity training, allowing members to exchange ideas and methodologies. 
  6. HumanFirewall: The company gamifies learning through training and phishing simulations, builds individual risk-profiles, rewards real-time reporting and remediates incidents instantly.
  7. Messagenius: The company's enterprise messaging tool for secure, smart and integrated communications among colleagues looks and works just like the company’s everyday messenger while protecting sensitive information.
  8. Panaseer: Its controls monitoring platform gives CISOs visibility of all assets and the confidence that security controls are working effectively.
  9. Quant Network: Its Overledger, the world’s first blockchain operating system, is considered to be leading the way for innovation and blockchain adoption.
  10. SaltDNA: Its product provides secure voice, messaging, conference calling, broadcasting and image or file transfers for busy executives.
  11. Security Alliance: Its cyber-threat intelligence platform, ThreatMatch, helps security analysts, operations teams and security managers focus on cyber-threats that will have the biggest impact on the organization.
  12. Storage Made Easy: Its multi-cloud software product, Enterprise File Fabric, provides a security and governance blanket for siloed company data.
  13. swIDch: Its patented algorithm enables payments companies to generate Dynamic PANs in a networkless environment without the need for any additional infrastructure.
  14. Threat Status: It's Trillion service collects, analyses and provides alerts on the billions of breached credentials from the deep web, closed forums, paste sites and the dark web, looking for the ones that belong to its clients.
  15. Uleska: This scalable platform provides continuous software security testing within DevOps software or IT projects, automating business-risk reporting and communicates security strategy value without the need for more personnel.

Louise Cushnahan, head of innovation at CSIT, said:“Having 15 companies join this cohort highlights the breadth of innovative and emerging cybersecurity focused activity within the UK ecosystem.”

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