McAfee acquires Solidcore for whitelisting technology

The acquisition is interesting, Infosecurity notes, as Solidcore's dynamic whitelisting technology allows IT managers to choose which elements of programme code can execute on their computers.

Using this approach is viewed by many as a better option than selecting which applications that are not allowed to run - i.e. the blacklisting approach.

Although McAfee has yet to reveal which areas of the specialist security market it plans to offer the Solidcore technology into, there is a strong possibility the company will boost its efforts in the financial services sector (for ATMs) and SCADA deployments, which are used to protect national infrastructure networks.

Solidcore already has more than 100 financial institutions with 200 000 endpoints and around 15 000 retail stores amongst its customers worldwide.

According to David DeWalt, McAfee's president, the acquisition will allow McAfee to expand its reach into new markets, secure new platforms and strengthen its hold as the leader in the US$6bn endpoint security market.

"Solidcore has strong financial results, is profitable and has a very good customer base. I see this as a win-win for our customers, partners and for Solidcore and McAfee."

The US$33m deal is expected to be closed during the second quarter of 2009, at which point McAfee's Risk and Compliance business unit will be expanded to incorporate the Solidcore team.

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