#InfosecurityEurope: Michael Johnson Reminds Security Pros Where Success Comes From

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Getting the basics right and understanding yourself are critical foundations to performing consistently well under pressure, Olympic champion Michael Johnson emphasised in in keynote address at Infosecurity Europe 2023.

In an opening speech, light on cybersecurity references but heavy on inspirational advice, the former 200m and 400m Olympic and World Championship winner explained the secret of his outstanding success on the track.

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First come the “fundamentals,” he explained. For Johnson that meant putting time in on strength work as well as doing what he loved best – running. For cybersecurity professionals it could be translated as focusing on the basics of cyber-hygiene before attempting more advanced strategies.

“The lesson for me was you can’t avoid the fundamentals,” he said. “You have to commit and dedicate yourself to the things that are fundamental as much as the things that you’re good at.”

Knowing yourself and how to optimize performance under pressure is another key to success, which traverses the world of professional sport and cybersecurity.

For Johnson, that meant understanding what drove personal confidence then putting himself in the best emotional and mental state to manage high-pressure situations, he said.

In such situations, it pays to prepare for the unknown, study your opponent and take control of the situation wherever possible, but also to be flexible enough to respond with agility to changing conditions if required, the gold medal winner added.

“It’s about understanding the challenge as best you can and arming yourself with as much insight as you can so you’re ready for the challenge next time it comes,” he concluded.

Johnson’s keynote on Tuesday morning kicked off three days of Infosecurity Europe 2023, which boasts a packed conference program for the expected throng of attendees.

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