Microsoft Addresses Wi-Fi Hotspots Issues in Latest Update

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Microsoft added a new known issue affecting its operating systems’ Wi-Fi hotspot feature to its official Health Dashboard page.

Affecting Windows 10 and 11 machines, the bug would have been introduced with a Windows update the company released earlier this month.

“After installing KB5014697, Windows devices might be unable [to] use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature.”

For context, the update, released on June 14, addresses various security issues. 

“This update contains miscellaneous security improvements to internal OS functionality. No additional issues were documented for this release,” wrote Windows in a blog post.

The new patch also improves the servicing stack on Windows 11 machines (the component that installs Windows updates).

“Servicing stack updates (SSU) ensure that you have a robust and reliable servicing stack so that your devices can receive and install Microsoft updates.”

As far as the flaw is concerned, when attempting to use the hotspot feature after installing the update, the host device might lose the connection to the internet after a client device connects.

Windows has published a detailed list of affected platforms and related versions, available at this link here.

The technology giant also said they’re investigating the bug and will provide an update in an upcoming release.

In the meantime, Microsoft has suggested a ‘workaround’ to the issue, which essentially consists in simply turning off the feature.

“To mitigate the issue and restore internet access on the host device, you can disable the Wi-Fi hotspot feature.”

Alternatively, users may try to roll back the Windows update (not advised) and wait for the tech giant to release an official fix.

The bug comes weeks after Microsoft discovered a new variant of the Sysrv botnet. A few days later, cybersecurity software provider 360 Total Security released an advisory warning Windows 11 users that the Magniber ransomware had been upgraded to target Microsoft’s latest operating system. 

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