UK Receives 2020 European CYBERSEC Award

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The UK’s cybersecurity posture has received the 2020 European CYBERSEC Award.

Described as “an appreciation for the efforts taken and the collaborative approach to the world’s cybersecurity”, the European CYBERSEC Award was given to the UK after it was determined to be “a role-model for global governments.”

Izabela Albrycht, president of the Kosciuszko Institute, said the UK’s “proactive and innovative approach in building its cyber-policies and capabilities” leads the way way towards building a decent level of security and “fighting against [an] adversarial internet.”

In particular, the formation of the NCSC in 2015 was cited, as well as its Active Cyber Defense program, as well as the UK’s participation in NATO and its action on 5G security.

“Fortunately, the UK does not stay closed to its allies,” Albrycht said. “It shares its world-leading expertise with its allies and other friendly countries, recognizing that cybersecurity is a common goal and making a lawful world is the duty of today’s governments.”

The CYBERSEC committee also praised the UK’s action on dealing “with cyber-hostile countries and the consequences for any breach of international law,” as “we are already at a point in time when such an attack is possible and thinking not only about cyber-defense but also about cyber-offence becomes one of the key topics today.”

Matt Warman, the UK’s minister of digital infrastructure, who received the prize on behalf of the UK government, agreed that part of the UK’s cybersecurity success is due to the international collaboration with like-minded countries, but also through introducing a true partnership between government, industry and academia.

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