New Security Awareness Practitioner Certification

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Recognizing that the weak link in most security chains is human beings, the InfoSec Institute announced a new certification for security awareness practitioners. The Certified Security Awareness Practitioner (CSAP) boot camp is an intensive three-day course that prepares participants in building and managing their organization’s security awareness training program.

Information covered in the boot camp expands across seven domains of knowledge. Students will demonstrate a mastery of understanding in the need for enterprise security awareness training, the security awareness practitioner role and responsibilities, security awareness program planning, development and implementation, managing a security awareness program as a project and common challenges related to security awareness training.

With the goal of making end-user behavior more secure, CSAP will train participants to evaluate human risk and the current corporate culture as it relates to security. In addition, students will be able to assess the current security training programs within their organizations and recognize the areas of weakness that might be making them more vulnerable to attacks.

Critical to the success of any security awareness training program is top-level support, so the course also explores ways to gain buy-in from corporate leadership. Designed to ensure that candidates become experts at both developing and implementing successful enterprise security awareness training, students will be able to enforce security policies while engaging learners by using the best training platform for their company.

“The best security awareness programs go beyond routine phishing simulations and training campaigns to sustainably shift workforce security culture. With our new CSAP boot camp and certification we’ll arm program managers with the strategies, tactics and ideas to kick-start a strong security awareness program and reduce cyber-attack susceptibility,” said Jack Koziol, CEO and founder of InfoSec Institute, in a press release.

Registration for the boot camp includes a voucher for the 50-question multiple-choice exam. Students will need to pass the test with a 70% or better to earn the IACRB CSAP certification. Participants have four different options for completing the course, which include interactive, live-streamed instruction; public training boot camps hosted nationwide; customized team training at the client’s location and self-paced, computer-based instruction.

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