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Given the cybersecurity threats that present risks to individuals, organizations and government entities around the globe, cybersecurity professionals need to know how to defend against current and emerging threats. The new book Engineering Trustworthy Systems: Get Cybersecurity Design Right the First Time, written by cybersecurity expert and NSA insider O. Sami Saydjari, offers insight into next-generation IT strategies and defenses.

Engineering Trustworthy Systems; Get Cybersecurity Design Right the First Time (McGraw-Hill, July 2018, 672 pages; Trade Paper, $60, ISBN: 978-1-260-11817-9).
Engineering Trustworthy Systems; Get Cybersecurity Design Right the First Time (McGraw-Hill, July 2018, 672 pages; Trade Paper, $60, ISBN: 978-1-260-11817-9).

Founder and president of Cyber Defense Agency, Saydjari is a cybersecurity thought leader with 35 years of experience who worked for the NSA, DARPA, DoD and NASA, and has consulted leaders on cybersecurity policy and written more than a dozen papers.

“I can think of no person better qualified to write this sorely needed tome. Sami is one of the leading conceptual innovators in the cybersecurity field with over three decades of experience in all aspects of cybersecurity engineering,” said Brian Snow, former National Security Agency, technical director.

“He is internationally recognized and trusted as a talented cybersecurity architect. His understanding of this complex topic is both expansively wide and impressively deep in many areas. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, he has a unique ability to communicate the most complex and subtle content in terms that are clear and easily understood.”

While underscoring the need for increased national investment in cybersecurity, Engineering Trustworthy Systems also defines all aspects of the cybersecurity problem. Practitioners will gain an understanding of how to move forward in solving emerging problems while also looking at the potential pitfalls that can get in the way of designing defenses against attacks.

“This book is for those vulnerable to cyberattacks, the very people who are dependent on information technology – businesses, government, legal, medical and academic sectors,” Saydjari said.

Former National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan, John M. Poindexter, PhD, VADM, USN(Ret), said, “This is the 'bible' for cybersecurity, which needs to be consulted as we struggle to solve this enormous threat to our national security.”

The book is intended to be an authoritative guide for crafting cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to defend against even the most sophisticated attacks. “Much of the information in this book can be found nowhere else and represents the distilled experiences of over three decades of work as a cybersecurity researcher, architect and engineer,” said Saydjari. 

“The book carefully builds from the most foundational elements of cybersecurity to the most complex and nuanced topics that can make your performance in cybersecurity more effective, efficient and stronger.”

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