President Obama's Blackberry security team develops Ultimate Armor app for smartphones.

Michael Franco, the Los Angeles-based developer, whose team developed the NSA-approved version of the firmware for the US President's BlackBerry, has launched a new company - Safe and Secure Mobile.

The new firm's first app for Android and BlackBerry is Ultimate Armor and says Franco, versions are in the pipeline for Symbian and iPhone versions to be released by the end of August.

Franco is the former head of The National Security Agency (NSA) Advanced Secure Communication Lab where he was responsible for writing specifications for what became the Presidential Secure BlackBerry.

The app is billed as residing on the protected mobile device in such a way that it is completely invisible to the user.

The software is not displayed in the application list, user menus or user settings. Instead, it resides silently in the protected device, undetectable even against sophisticated voltage monitoring methods.

The software continuously and unobtrusively monitors all attempts to open data ports and continuously blocks these attempts.

According to Franco, with the Ultimate Armor app installed, intercepting and monitoring of any type on the smartphone is impossible.

"The software is setup in such a way that it can immediately identify any surveillance program and instantly remove the program and further block and close the phone's leaking data ports", he said.

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