Katie Moussouris Drops Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against Microsoft

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Computer researcher Katie Moussouris has dropped her gender discrimination lawsuit against tech giant Microsoft.

Issued in 2015, the lawsuit claimed that Microsoft unfairly discriminated against Moussouris (who worked at the company between 2007 and 2016) and other female employees because of their gender. It claimed that female workers were passed over for promotions, while less qualified male colleagues were promoted.

“I have dropped my lawsuit because my funds are better put towards solutions that help to implement both real change and demonstrate strong commitment to pay equity in our lifetime for women around the world, leaving behind organizations like Microsoft that pantomime pay equity, while resisting any real commitment to change,” Moussouris wrote in a blog post published on November 18 2020.

Moussouris went on to explain that, in dropping her case, she did not sign a non-disclosure agreement or receive a payment of any type.

“I’m free to focus on pay inequity without any limitations, using both my voice and my hard-earned assets to put a spotlight on companies like Microsoft, who are on the wrong side of history. These companies will be remembered for their resistance to change as the rest of the modern world takes decisive action towards pay equity in our lifetime.”

She urged organizations to support the Pay Equity Now Pledge (which she founded), as well as to make real pay, bonus, hiring, assignment and promotion rate changes that truly put all genders on equal footing as human beings.

“The legal system failed me and many other women to help us hold Microsoft and other companies accountable for gender discrimination that manifested in pay inequity over many years. I refuse to stop fighting for pay equity for women and racial minorities, and I have found a way forward regardless of Microsoft’s resistance to positive change.”

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