RSA 2013: Compliance Equals False Sense of Security, Says Vormetric

“We need to recognise the fact that hackers are in to our businesses and our systems and they are running amok”, he insisted. The picture Vormetric painted, however, was not entirely negative. “There has been a mind shift and people are becoming less obsessed with checklist security.”

The key to protection, Kessler told Infosecurity, is “looking beyond what is just regulatory. Security has to be simple and it has to be easy”, he said. “In the past, security has got in the way, but it now needs to enable the business.”

This is not the only evolution that the Vormetric CEO cited. “There used to be too much focus on protecting the perimeter. It’s no longer important to build a fence”, he said.

Todd Thiemann, Senior director of product marketing at Vormetric, explained that there is an ongoing challenge around data discovery and clarification. “Some customers try to secure everything, rather than identifying the most valuable, sensitive data”. The Vormetric model is to protect individual files and folders, which Thiemann describes as “part of a defense-in-depth” strategy.

“It’s important to focus security around what is important”, Thiemann concluded.


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