Tanium Partners with Google Cloud to Better Battle APTs

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Tanium has partnered with Google Cloud to integrate threat response and Chronicle’s security analytics platform.

The partnership will unite the Tanium unified endpoint management and security platform with Google Cloud’s security analytics and zero-trust initiatives, which the companies claimed would better detect, investigate,and scope advanced persistent threats.

Also, an integration between Tanium and Google Cloud’s BeyondCorp will allow Tanium to support the ability for customers to use endpoint identity, state and compliance data with BeyondCorp remote access. 

The companies said the integration between Chronicle’s security analytics and Tanium's unified endpoint security will allow users to proactively hunt threats both live and across an entire year of endpoint activity using telemetry from Tanium combined with analytics and cloud-scale data capacity from Chronicle.

Also with Chronicle, customers can correlate up to one year of data gathered from the Tanium platform’s sophisticated endpoint telemetry and network activity. This enriched dataset enables incident response teams to completely investigate sustained, long-term attacks and take comprehensive remediative action.

“With Tanium and Google Cloud, customers don’t have to make difficult tradeoffs between the quality, breadth, timeliness or storage cost of their security telemetry,” said Sunil Potti, general manager and vice-president of cloud security at Google Cloud.

“Advanced persistent threats require a sophisticated approach to detection and response. That starts at the endpoint, where most compromise activities begin. With telemetry sourced from Tanium’s comprehensive endpoint security approach, customers have the data they need to detect and investigate post-compromise activity to accelerate remediation and prevent future intrusion.”

“This joint solution with Chronicle gives Tanium customers access to massively scalable analytics and investigation capabilities far beyond that of other endpoint detection and response point tools,” said Orion Hindawi, co-founder and CEO of Tanium. “This integration enables our customers to investigate APTs and other threats from the moment of detection back to the moment of compromise for complete response and remediation.”

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