Tech CEOs to Discuss Cybersecurity with Biden Today

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The CEOs of some of the world’s biggest tech companies are set to meet President Biden today to discuss how their products can improve the security of America’s businesses and critical infrastructure providers, according to a report.

Apple boss Tim Cook, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy and Microsoft supremo Satya Nadella are attending the meeting. At the same time, the CEOs of Google, IBM, JP Morgan Chase and utility firm Southern Co have also been invited, according to Bloomberg.

A senior official familiar with the event told the news site that part of the discussion would be focused on how software can enhance supply chain security.

It’s thought that critical infrastructure could also be a focus — particularly in light of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack in May, which led to surging fuel prices for days up and down the US East Coast.

Digital supply chain attacks are also increasingly commonplace, with the SolarWinds campaign highlighting the lengths state-backed threat actors are prepared to go to infiltrate US government organizations. Microsoft claimed shortly after that over 1000 Kremlin operatives had worked on the campaign.

The line between state-sponsored and financially motivated cybercrime attacks has become increasingly blurred over recent months. The Kaseya ransomware campaign appeared inspired in some part by SolarWinds, targeting an IT management software provider to hit thousands of downstream customers.

The Biden administration appears more determined to tackle these challenges than its predecessor, although, to an extent, they have become more acute over the past few months.

The President himself warned last month that if a “real shooting war” broke out with a major power, it could result from a significant cyber incident.

That follows tense negotiations with the Kremlin over Russia’s apparent harboring of cybercrime groups like those that hit Colonial Pipeline, Kaseya and meat processing giant JBS USA.

He is reported to have told President Putin that critical infrastructure providers should be considered off-limits.

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