We “Cannot Stop Cyber-Attacks,” Say Over 40% of UK Orgs

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More than 40% of UK organizations believe cyber-attackers can infiltrate their networks at every attempt, according to new research from CyberArk.

CyberArk surveyed 1000 global organizations and detailed its findings in the CyberArk Global Advanced Threat Landscape Report 2019. The firm discovered that while UK organizations view privileged access security as a core component of an effective cybersecurity program, understanding has not yet translated to action.

For example, only 45% of those polled have a privileged access security strategy in place for protecting business critical applications and cloud infrastructure respectively, with even fewer having a strategy for DevOps (28%) or IoT (20%).

What’s more, only 17% of respondents understood that privileged accounts, credentials and secrets exist in containers.

UK organizations ranked hackers (74%), organized crime (57%), hacktivists (46%) and privileged insiders (42%) among the greatest threats to critical assets.

Rich Turner, SVP EMEA, CyberArk said: “These findings are sober reading for businesses and cybersecurity practitioners. Despite the vast sums being spent on cybersecurity, it’s clear that businesses have very little confidence in their ability to defend themselves from cyber-attacks, protect their most critical assets, or their value creation activities. UK businesses need to be on the front foot with security, know what is most valuable to them, how it may be attacked and how to protect it while ensuring their cyber-strategy supports collaboration and innovation.

“Proactive cybersecurity strategies have to be implemented wherever critical data and assets live, specifically to manage and secure the privileged credentials that are fundamental to their operation. This is the most valuable step security teams can take to support wider business initiatives in today’s digital economy.”

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