White House Issues National Cyber Strategy

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Taking a critical step forward in national cyber defense, the White House yesterday published the National Cyber Strategy, aimed at strengthening America’s cybersecurity capabilities. President Trump wrote, “With the release of this National Cyber Strategy, the United States now has its fully articulated cyber strategy in 15 years.”

"The new national cyber strategy is a great step forward and demonstrates a thoughtful interagency approach to protecting national prosperity and security in our information-enabled world. It builds upon the lessons learned from previous administrations and presents a solid approach to managing cyber risk," said Brigadier General Gregory J. Touhill (ret.), president, Cyxtera Federal Group.

Elements of the strategy include not only defending the homeland by protecting networks but also improving American prosperity by way providing the security that will allow for a thriving digital economy.

“This is the most comprehensive cybersecurity strategy document ever published, firmly stating a vision of the United States as ensuring a secure internet by cooperation or force. It reads like a response to former NSA director Admiral Mike Rogers’ February Congressional testimony where he acknowledged current constraints in responding to the active threat landscape the US faces,” said Bryson Bort, NSI fellow and SCYTHE founder and CEO.

The four primary pillars of the strategy are protecting the American people and their way of life, promoting American prosperity, preserving peace through strength and advancing American influence abroad.

“The national security adviser’s call for an enhanced focus on aggressive cyber defense and offensive cyber operations will result in effective deterrence against the increasing cyberattacks on our critical infrastructures,” said Michael Daly, CTO, cybersecurity and special missions, Raytheon.

“Our electoral systems, healthcare, power and financial systems have all been put at unsustainable risk. Raytheon is prepared to support our government and allies in their cyber operations with our proven tools, solutions and expertise. It’s time to address cyber adversaries with the appropriate response and regain cyberspace for our nation’s security and prosperity.”

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