Collaboration is the Key to Effective Cyber-defense

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Every year, cybersecurity rises up the business agenda. Today, putting the right protection and protocols in place to defend against growing cyber-risks is front of mind for boardrooms around the world.

Our recent global research into cybersecurity confirms that business leaders are taking the issue as seriously as they should. In fact, 71% of C-suite respondents said it is the most significant challenge their business faces. 

However, the research also shows a disparity between the views of our C-suite respondents and those of IT Decision Makers (ITDMs). Both groups understand that they face threats, but their perception of the nature of these threats, and the way they translate into business risks, can be very different.

This discrepancy is important to be aware of, particularly as our research also shows that almost three quarters of ITDM respondents (72%) expect the number and severity of cyber-attacks to rise in the year ahead. It’s therefore vital that business leaders start thinking about their future cyber-skills requirements today, hiring the talent needed to ensure a thriving supply chain of skilled works and ideas to address this growing challenge. 

It’s one of the reasons BAE Systems recently extended its partnership with world-leading cyber security accelerator Cyber London (CyLon) for an additional three years, helping to drive innovation and nurture talent in the cybersecurity sector. 

This continued commitment follows a successful 18-month partnership, during which more than 23 start-up companies completed CyLon’s three-month accelerator program of professional training and guidance from accomplished mentors, including a number of BAE Systems’ own experts. This week, the latest cohort began their journey with CyLon.
This partnership supports our research, which found that businesses are on the whole welcoming increased knowledge sharing – with peers, governments and IT security firms – to bolster their defenses against cyber-crime. In an increasingly connected world, it’s no longer possible for organizations to work effectively in silos.

No one company, big or small, can solve the problem of cybercrime; it’s an issue that must be tackled industry-wide. Only by bringing together a range of specialists, the latest technology and operation experience, can we effectively support global 24×7 business in an increasingly digital world. 

As cyber-attacks become more frequent and far-reaching, collaboration – internally and externally –will ensure organizations keep up with ever-evolving cyber-criminals. C-suites and ITDMs need to work together to ensure priorities are aligned and the best talent is driving innovation. It’s these people who will push the boundaries of cybersecurity, ensuring the defenses remain as robust as possible.

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