Photo of Ashley Barker

Ashley Barker

Cyber Security and Privacy Expert, PA Consulting

Ashley is a cyber security and privacy consultant with experience in security control programmes, web application security and a foundation in leading complex software development. He works with senior leaders through to security operating teams to define security strategy, plan incremental deliverables and delivery tangible business objectives whilst focusing on the end user.

Ashley is an experienced delivery and product manager and developing leader focusing on business outcomes within a complex environments. He balances the need for security, control and assurance against the need to be agile, innovate and adopt new technologies to maintain a business advantage.

Ashley has experience working with NIST, GDPR, ISO-27001 and PCI DSS. He has a growing portfolio of security projects that secure personal data and companies systems. He has worked with large banks, retailers and defence contracts increasingly with leadership to drive secure by design and default, application and system security into digital and systems engineering. 

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