Photo of Camille Singleton

Camille Singleton

Manager, IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence, IBM Corporation

Camille Singleton brings seventeen years of professional experience to cybersecurity, both in the US government and as an analyst at IBM. She is conversant on a range of topics affecting the cyber threat landscape, including industry-specific analysis, multifactor authentication, ransomware, destructive malware, and phishing trends. She has published multiple articles addressing pressing cybersecurity topics, ranging from threats to operational technology and vulnerability management to Powershell-based attacks and trends in ransomware.

Camille has appeared as a speaker at THINK, RSA 365, the Australian Cyber Conference, and multiple WiCyS events and has authored several white papers and major threat reports. She has two master’s degrees — from Oxford University and George Mason University — lending academic depth to her analysis to complement her professional experience.

Since late 2021, Camille has managed the Tech Team in the X-Force Cyber Range and more recently the Adversary Investigations and Analysis team in X-Force Threat Intelligence.

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