Photo of Liqaa Nawaf

Liqaa Nawaf

Senior Lecturer in Computing and Information Systems, Cardiff Metropolitan University

I hold a PhD degree in the area of Distributed and Scientific Computing from the School of Computer Science and Informatics at Cardiff University. I am a researcher and senior lecturer in computer science and cyber security at Cardiff Met University, with good research experience in optimizing wireless mesh networks and Heuristic and Metaheuristic algorithms.

I have attended and participated in a range of international conferences that have developed my research knowledge and I keep in touch with the latest developments in the computing field. I am very open to these developments and particularly enjoy interaction with the new technologies to augment my professional expertise and stay close to the center of the fast moving world of technology.

I supervise PhD and MSc students in research which covers a range of computer science topics such as phishing attacks, cybersecurity, the security of IoT, AI in health, and the security of the internet.

My research interests cover the areas of networks, Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity, the design of collaborative research that tackles the opportunities and challenges of emerging technologies, as follows:

  • Optimizing the placement of infrastructure in wireless mesh networks by the use of metaheuristic algorithms.
  • Developing comprehensive mathematical models to represent the diversity of technical and efficient constraints and the objectives of wireless networks.
  • Developing metaheuristic algorithms to select and configure network infrastructure.
  • Understanding the role and impact of human intervention in our use of technology, for example, the cause and effect of Phishing Attacks.
  • Enhancing the understanding of IoT threats to the security and privacy of end-users.

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