Photo of Talesh Seeparsan

Talesh Seeparsan

Founder, Bit79

With a decade focused on Application Security of eCommerce platforms, Talesh has cemented his position as a recognized authority in eCommerce Application Security. Identifying a need for more mature application security among Adobe Commerce engineers, Talesh proactively stepped into the breach. He owned the responsibility for leading and inspiring an entire ecosystem towards more defensible systems.

As the Age of Intelligence dawns, Talesh is helping to secure the new generation of AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) based applications in his work with the OWASP Top Ten for LLMs. As one of the architects of the Adobe Commerce Security Training course, Talesh was instrumental in paving the way for more secure eCommerce teams. Talesh has been globally recognized, with invitations from event organizers worldwide to present to diverse audiences.

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