Beyond Prevention –How a Cyber Resilient State can Provide a Ransomware Defense

Many organizations rely on prevention to protect themselves from malware and specifically at this moment, ransomware. Not only businesses but hospitals, general practitioners, transport networks and other parts of critical national infrastructure are under attack by this type of threat. Yet they do not formulate a “Plan B” to rely on when prevention doesn’t work.

We have seen that traditional network and endpoint defences are increasingly unable to detect and block the constantly changing flavours of ransomware, so a more resilient tactic will enable businesses to be better prepared and deal with the worst should it happen. Also, with ransomware cybercrime kits readily available, these attacks are set to become commonplace in 2017 so it is best to have a culture of resiliency within your organization.
In this webinar, we will look at:

  • How ransomware is spread, and what cybercrime kits will provide
  • Examples of ransomware and social engineering attacks

The cyber resilient response:

  • Prevention techniques
  • Infection continuity plans
  • Remediation. Cloud archives vs. local backups


Photo of Michael Hill

Michael Hill

Former Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

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Steven Malone

Director of Security Product Management, Mimecast

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Michael Paul

IT Manager, Athona Recruitment

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