Turn your Threat Intelligence into Applicable Data

Threat Intelligence and hunting for that insight holds great potential for helping network defenders block adversaries who have not yet breached them, and find evidence of those who may have. While external threat intelligence feeds can be great, most organizations are also sitting on a potential gold mine of useful forensic data.

How can you make practical and impactful use of that data? In this webinar, we will offer best practise advice on how to identify that data and how to apply it to your enterprise. We will also look at methods and data sources to strengthen your security posture, using real-world examples of network and DNS-based threat hunts that exposed attack campaign infrastructure.

Key takeaways:

  • Where to find internal sources of threat intelligence and how to apply it
  • How to effectively profile adversaries without breaking the bank
  • How to shift from a reactive stance to proactive


Photo of Nick Essner

Nick Essner

Sr. Manager Cyber Defense and Incident Response, Fusion X

Photo of Tim Helming

Tim Helming

Director of Product Management, DomainTools

Photo of TJ Minichillo

TJ Minichillo

Sr Director – Security & Threat Intelligence Practice, Info-Tech Research Group

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