Advancing the Endpoint with Innovation: a New Approach to Cybersecurity

Technology innovation is at the heart of the cybersecurity industry as it attempts to keep pace with those that wish to disrupt, defraud or damage our organizations. Adopting a new innovative approach to cybersecurity is often hard to do; understanding new approaches and evaluating, implementing, and maintaining the latest innovative technology solutions can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. A way of easing this transition is to build a resilient cyber defense architecture, transforming a mass point of solutions into a cyber-defense capability.

Our insatiable use of endpoint devices has all but eroded the network perimeters and new approaches to protecting, detection and responding to threats on the endpoint are essential. By using new techniques such as machine based learning, many organizations are embracing innovation as the new beginning for advanced endpoint.

Join us for this webinar as we discuss:

  • Why innovation is important
  • Why it is hard to implement
  • How to adopt a new security architecture to enable innovation – resilient cyber defense
  • Why the endpoint is the largest attack vector

Protection is not dead – but we need to be embracing new, advanced methods for protection on the end point, and machine based learning is one of them.


Photo of James Alderman

James Alderman

UK Sales Engineer, BlackBerry Cylance

Photo of Michael Hill

Michael Hill

Former Editor, Infosecurity Magazine

Photo of Dave Polton

Dave Polton

Chief Technology Architect, NTT Ltd

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