The New Mindset for Building Secure Services in the Cloud

Cloud computing is reshaping not only the technology landscape, but the very way companies think about and execute their innovation process and practices. But as with any paradigm shift, cloud computing requires different rules and a different way of thinking. Too often there is unnecessary pushback when venturing into unchartered waters. In this white paper, Joan Pepin - a recognized expert in Cloud Security - discusses 10 best practices for securely leveraging the cloud and capitalizing on this new disruptive shift with confidence and clarity.

4 Key Things You Will Learn from this paper:

  1. The new mindset necessary for operating securely in the cloud
  2. How Cloud Applications allow design of a more secure application environment
  3. How Cloud computing environment creates a unique opportunity to leverage automation to secure applications.
  4. Leveraging compliance controls that operate effectively and at all times to increase security posture

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