Bringing the Human Element to Life at #RSAC 2020

While industry leaders are busy reflecting on the events of 2019 and thinking about what is to come for 2020, the RSA Conference team is firming up a rock-solid agenda. As they have done for nearly 30 years, hundreds of speakers will share their wisdom and experience to tens of thousands of attendees.

This year, though, is a little different. Indeed, the primary focus is and always will be cybersecurity, but our theme, the Human Element, brings a new focus to the relationship between people and technology.

Threaded throughout the hundreds of sessions running between February 24-28, 2020, the theme of Human Element will shift the lens through which we view our relationship with technology and inform the ways in which we need to change our thinking and our behaviors as we become more dependent upon technology. There are so many aspects of the human element that warrant deeper conversation, echoing the desire for more opportunities to have meaningful human interactions as the world comes together to talk cybersecurity.

To that end, we’ve gone further than creating the Human Element theme. Based on numerous social media threads and attendee surveys, security professionals attend RSA Conference for a variety of reasons; however, networking tops the list for many. Each year we have looked at new ways to serve the myriad of needs of our attendees who come to San Francisco to learn, to network and to develop relationships with peers. While delivering rich, informative content is our primary goal, we also understand the value of peer to peer engagement. That’s why we are so excited about our new, dedicated networking space, the Engagement Zone.

The RSAC Engagement Zone, available to Full Conference pass holders, is designed to foster meaningful conversations between peers, whether formal or informal. The space includes areas for one-on-one meetups or small group discussions with like-minded individuals, problem solving, speed networking, Birds of a Feather and cooperative learning sessions. Everything, right down to the décor of this space will feel different from the rest of conference. The team has mulled over lighting, seating, signage and every other aspect of design in order to ensure that the Engagement Zone looks and feels a little more casual, warm and intimate.

Not all happenings in the Engagement Zone will be self-directed, though. Given the positive feedback we’ve had with Birds of Feather in years past, these sessions will be running again. Additionally, we’re introducing speed networking sessions—think speed dating (without the dating) for professionals looking to meet like-minded industry peers. Also new to the Engagement Zone are two different interactive learning opportunities: Problem Solving and Cooperative Learning.

Look for the two Problem Solving sessions, “How to Manage Technical Debt,” facilitated by Wendy Nather and “Getting the Most Out of Your Security Assessments and Pen Tests,” facilitated by Ed Skoudis on Thursday, February 27th. Next door you’ll find a selection of Cooperative Learning sessions. While these are kicked off by a facilitator, much of the session is spent in small and large group discussion so that attendees are truly learning from, with and among their peers.

Also, check out the full agenda online and start planning your week. We look forward to seeing you in February at RSA Conference 2020.

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