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A Christmas message for Infosecurity readers from the Risk Avengers...

Tis the season when folks are spending lots of money 
And all that data is a magnificent pot of honey.
Make sure you protect that data from theft
in order that you don’t get your customers’ anger and distrust.
Baton down the hatches, don’t give them all that data
Keep the cyber doors locked, you don’t want to invoke a Christmas disaster.
Update your policies and check your processes just to be sure there are no trespasses.
But if the controls don’t work be sure you know what to do
Cos all hell will break loose if you haven’t got a clue.
Train up your teams to keep a look out for suspicious activity
From the inside and out cos any loss wouldn’t be pretty.
Those crooks they be bold, given half the chance they will get hold
Of that data you value which in an instant could be askew.
Don’t let the cyber criminals have fun this Christmas
Only those families who spend to bring happiness.
Let Santa do his work and bring joy to those who deserve it
Tis Christmas after all and we have definitely earnt it.


Toni Sless has a background in the public and private sectors in fraud prevention, operational risk, incident management and physical security, Toni Sless specializes in insider threat, identity crime, fraud prevention and security training. Toni has managed major fraud incidents to ensure minimal business losses and developed fraud prevention products and tools from scratch.

Toni has also trained hundreds of fraud security, risk and business managers on fraud vulnerabilities, insider threat, identity crime and security skills. As an independent consultant, Toni provides businesses with training and awareness on the insider threat raising awareness of human vulnerabilities; strategic and operational management of critical threats ensuring robust processes are in place to mitigate and manage the threat; and also works with businesses to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses and enablers that facilitate fraud, developing processes, roadmaps and technology enhancements to combat threats. 

About The Risk Avengers:

The Risk Avengers is a collaboration of three well respected and experienced industry experts. Dr Jessica Barker, Sharon Conheady and Toni Sless pool their extensive knowledge and experience in the fraud prevention, physical security, cyber security, social engineering and penetration testing arenas. The Risk Avengers provide consultancy and training to businesses on the minefield that is information security, fraud awareness and prevention.

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