Perspective Changes Everything: Shift Your Focus to the Edge

There was a time when you could build a virtual wall and protect anything inside a data center – but times have changed. The perimeter is dissolving.

Instead of viewing recent data breaches in the news as threats against your organization, use them as an opportunity to be proactive and create positive change. Now’s the time to protect your users and experiences, as well as determine how your organization can thrive in this constantly changing digital ecosystem.

With security at the edge, you’ll protect your changing assets closer to the attack itself and move digital experiences closer to users. Think of it as an extension of your infrastructure that sits between you, your users, your digital experiences and the always-changing nature of today’s digital environment.

Experts define the edge as an actual place where people and things connect to the digital world. Users have come to expect seamless digital experiences on demand, so pushing interactions to the edge, closer to the source of the data being generated, provides better experiences and offers the best location to construct safeguards between your business and your consumers of digital experiences.

Wondering what has brought on this shift in focus to the edge? Reasons include:

  • Consumers’ expectations have evolved and they have less tolerance for latency

  • The amount of content being delivered and consumed has grown exponentially

  • A growing awareness that centralized data centers aren’t delivering or securing engaging content as well as the edge

It stands to reason that a move to the edge will allow businesses to create entirely new markets. Right now, it seems the benefits and possibilities the edge offers are virtually boundless.

The power is yours. You can transform the way you do business. Security at the edge is a dynamic and adaptive change that allows you to surround and protect your users or consumers wherever they are – at the core, in the cloud, to the edge and everywhere in between.

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