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Companies are constantly trying to keep pace with the demands of their own market and customers. Businesses need to modernize and transform their core business processes while keeping costs under control and resources moving. While cloud is a tool to drive business imperatives, most enterprises have captured less than 20% of potential cloud value. So what holds them back from moving the other 80% of workloads that are crucial to their transformation? Resource and talent priorities, regulatory and compliance challenges and data silos all contribute to a slowdown in cloud adoption.

We believe it’s imperative to know how to use cloud not just as a tool but as a way to drive business outcomes, working with your existing systems and understanding the unique requirements of your industry. At IBM, we’ll meet you where you are on your hybrid cloud journey and build a strategy and architecture that meets your needs. We know that the transformation from on-premises to the cloud is complex. So we’ve redesigned our cloud to meet these challenges so you can move quickly without compromising security, privacy and controls.

Build faster, securely anywhere

There are many benefits to having multiple cloud environments, but there are also big challenges. Companies must overcome inconsistency, complexity and a shortage of skills and time required to operate and secure multiple rapidly evolving platforms. Using different clouds is further complicated by the various development practices each environment requires.  

University Medical Center Mainz wanted to digitize processes and work to improve patient care quickly. In addition, they wanted to build a secure app quickly to let their doctors, nurses and technicians communicate without compromising data privacy. 

A hybrid cloud approach with IBM Cloud Satellite enables the University Medical Center Mainz to access cloud services securely and efficiently. This helps them comply with the high data protection requirements by keeping their data in its on-premises data center.

"A hybrid cloud approach with IBM Cloud Satellite enables the University Medical Center Mainz to access cloud services securely and efficiently"

Delivered from a single view controlled through the public cloud and maintained as a service by IBM, IBM Cloud Satellite gives you the ability to deploy IBM Cloud services anywhere. Customers gain the flexibility to run their applications where it makes sense while still leveraging all the security and ops benefits of public cloud. Satellite locations can be in on-premise data centers, colocation centers, in public clouds or at the edge. Enterprise applications can run in close proximity to their data stores, reducing latency and increasing data security.

Providing security without compromises

Data security and privacy are critical to customers. The IBM public cloud is powered by the same industry-leading confidential computing security found in IBM Z®. Delivered via IBM Cloud® Hyper Protect Services, it features ‘Keep Your Own Key’ encryption capabilities backed by the highest level of security certification commercially available. This makes the IBM public cloud the industry’s most secure and open public cloud for business. Customers like Daimler turned to the IBM public cloud, so they didn’t have to compromise on security because they know that their data is encrypted end-to-end—at rest, in flight, and in memory. And we are the only cloud provider who can give you the technical assurance that we cannot see your data. 

With security built-in for developers, such as a high-velocity DevSecOps pipeline, you can increase developer productivity and accelerate time to market. IBM Cloud® is designed to help you modernize your environments with the most VM workloads with consistently high-speed transfers.

With IBM Cloud® Satellite™ (in beta), you can move your sensitive, mission-critical workloads, apps and data to a secure cloud and have access to it anywhere, anytime — from their data center to the edge. IBM’s public cloud lets you build cloud-nativemigrate and modernize your core mission-critical workloads and speed your time to delivery and insights faster and more seamlessly. 

Meeting the needs of highly regulated industries

For businesses concerned with compliance — especially those in highly regulated industries — IBM Cloud enables you to achieve always-on visibility into today’s demanding security and compliance requirements so you can monitor and enforce compliance posture across workloads. 

The UK government and IBM recently signed a public cloud agreement to accelerate innovation across the public sector
The UK government and IBM recently signed a public cloud agreement to accelerate innovation across the public sector

Recently, the UK government and IBM signed a public cloud agreement to accelerate innovation across the public sector, where it’s critical to modernizing workloads while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. 

The IBM Cloud for Financial Services™ shows how we’re delivering on a cloud designed for maximum security and compliance, where you can host mission-critical applications and workloads and transact more confidently, quickly and efficiently. By working with Bank of America to develop industry-informed security control requirements and leveraging IBM Promontory, the global financial services regulatory compliance leader, IBM has created a specific industry-compliant operating environment. We also have BNP Paribas and over 90+ ISV partners like SAPAdobeIntellect Design and Assima committing to this secure community.

Supporting all businesses in their journey to the cloud

Whether you are looking for a full business transformation like Coca-Cola European Partners, for transformation with SAP Applications like OSRAM, or for a 100% digital business like Banco Sabadell, IBM makes it easier to move your complex workloads to the cloud. 

Even smaller companies are taking advantage of our public cloud. For example, ESDIP Animation Studio worked with IBM Business Partner SimpleCloud to create a virtual desktop solution based on IBM Cloud that enabled 200 artists worldwide to collaborate in real-time and create a 3D animated film.

At IBM, we believe that the vision of the future cannot be based on the paradigm of the past. We’re confident that our hybrid cloud strategy, incorporating IBM’s public cloud for client workloads, will deliver organizations’ best benefits and returns. This point is true whether the organization is a large enterprise, independent software vendor (ISV), SaaS provider or a cloud-native startup. It is your journey and your transformation, with cloud as a vehicle. IBM is here to help you make it a reality.

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