Bob’s Business Ltd

Bob’s Business provide interactive, web-based cyber security awareness training that teaches employees how to safeguard their organisation and themselves, protecting critical information. We treat each learning program like a marketing campaign, with internal communications to generate awareness, materials to engage the workforce and reinforce key learning messages. Our unique approach to learning achieves an outstanding 90% employee engagement rate.
Our approach to training is fun and effective, and counts towards IS027001 certification. We aim to change  workforce behaviour through reinforced messages in a non-threatening way, resulting in a secure culture both in the workplace and at home.

With over 24 bite-sized modules that can help to achieve and retain ISO27001 certification, all boxes are ticked. We can even build custom programmes with you to tackle specific areas of Information Security.

We also provide simulated phishing awareness campaigns, which highlight the real risks of phishing in an engaging and interactive manner.

Key Contact Information
Head Office: 
Bob’s Business Ltd, 
Digital Media Centre, 
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01226 447225

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