Cyber CPR

CyberCPR - a secure, encrypted application portal for incident management and coordination. 

Designed by Incident Responders to take the strain during busy, complex and serious incidents. 

Powerful but light, CyberCPR can be cloud installed or locally hosted on portable IT.

CyberCPR’s concept has grown from our experience in Incident Response, i.e. fighting APT style groups at the cyber front-line.   We observed the crippling effect poor communications and planning can have on even the simplest incidents and we though there must be a better way than email and MS Excel to manage an incident.  

CyberCPR is designed to secure evidence, enable collaboration and co-operation and increase team efficiency resulting in:

  • Faster incident resolution
  • Lower incident costs
  • Better use of staff
  • Generation of specific-to-you Cyber Intelligence

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