Hiddn is supplying impenetrable proprietary hardware-based authentication and encryption products. Hiddn’s encryption suite offers a distinctly superior level of safety and ensures that sensitive information stays confidential and unavailable to unauthorised access in case of a lost or stolen device.

Hiddn's product platform addresses the growing enterprise market for the protection of sensitive data. The new GDPR directive introduces rigorous policies for the management of sensitive data and personal information.  

Hiddn’s solution

  • Military grade encryption.
  • Two-factor authentication and external encryption key.
  • GDPR-proof guarantee for selected two-factor security products securing customers against breaches and potential future fines.
  • GDPR- compliant hardware security option on notebooks and PCs.
  • Solution available on a large range of PCs and notebooks through OEM agreements

Hiddn Solutions ASA is a public limited company situated in Oslo, Norway, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker HIDDN. 

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